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Email Address

Your email address will be used in order for you to activate, edit, and delete your ad. It will also be used as a way for people to contact you regarding your ad. It is important that you enter a valid and working email address.


Tags are used to categorize your ad, and they help people find your ad easily. You can choose from the existing Tags, or even create a new one. You must choose at least one, and only one, Primary Category Tag for your ad.

To create a new tag, enter the tag and then press enter. Only letters and spaces are valid.


Choose one location for your ad. You can choose to create a custom location if there are no existing locations that best fit your ad. Location is an optional field.

To create a new location, enter the location and then press enter.


The title will be displayed in search results and as the heading at the top of your ad. Enter a unique and descriptive title for your ad to help people get an idea for what your ad is about.


You can enter a price for your ad if relevant. Price helps people find your ad if you're buying or selling something. Price is an optional field.


The body is the main content of your ad. Be descriptive, and include any important information about your ad here.

How to Format

  • For paragraphs, place an empty line between text.
  • For line-breaks add 2 spaces at the end of a line.
  • For italic text, format like this: *italic text* or _italic text_
  • For bold text, format like this: **bold text** or __bold text__
  • URLs are automatically converted into links, but if you want to enter custom text for a link use this format: [Link Text](


You can choose to optionally upload photos with your ad. Click the Choose Photos button to open the file selection dialog. Hold down the Ctrl key (Command on Mac OS X) when clicking on files to choose multiple files from the file selection dialog. Only JPEG, GIF, and PNG files are allowed.

Phone Number

Optionally, you can enter a phone number to help people more easily contact you regarding your ad. Remember to use the check box below to signify that you are able to receive text message to this phone number.

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